Brief Motivational Intervention (BMI) effectiveness for Opiate Use Disorders

Craving Recovery

Brief Motivational Intervention is effective in reducing opiate abuse in many populations, especially with patients with co-occurring conditions (co-morbidity) (Barrowclough et al., 2010). Opiate abuse and addiction is a growing problem in the United States and in the top 3 most abused categories of both illegal and prescription drugs worldwide. A great percent of the prison population in the United States are incarcerated directly or indirectly due to addiction and opiate addiction is one of the leading addiction problems within the prison population. BMI has been found very effective in working with inmates and ex-convicts and helping them overcome addiction and avoid re-incarceration (Forsberg et al., 2011). BMI’s can be used effectively to move someone through the stages of change and in the early stages of recovery, even while detoxing (Berman et al., 2010).

Opiate Abuse a Growing Problem

Opiate abuse is a significant and growing problem with both (Illegal)…

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