I believe that I have a Creator. I have a myriad of reasons for having this belief and my main reasons have changed over the years even though my belief has remained fairly constant.

One of the reasons I originally believed in God or a Creator is because I was taught by significant people in my life that there was one. As I grew older and went through experiences that made me question my belief’s I revisited this reason for believing and came to a new understanding that the reason in my early youth I accepted these teachings was because I intuitively knew what they were teaching me was basically true. Another reason for believing in a Creator is based on experiences. Many times over the years I have had strong spiritual affirming experiences that I have a Creator that knows me and watches over me. Many of these experiences have been much more than just a feeling. These experiences have given me insights and perceptions that not only strengthened my belief in my maker but shifted or modified my understanding of him and his intentions. Another evidence to me that there is a Creator has come by learning about nature and/or incredible things in the Universe. When I study about the human body, see beautiful sights in the world, behold the Milky Way, or have watched animals, birth, or other wonders my belief in a Creator has been strengthened. I see patterns that many things are being orchestrated by someone far greater than myself. Combined these are some, but not all of the reasons in my heart of hearts I know there is a God. In April of 2001 I had a near death experience that gave me additional insights and even strengthened this knowledge to a level of certainty.

I believe this belief to be rational. Even without seeing him directly I have come close. To me it seems irrational to not believe. Science can explain much, but in every science there is still so much men do not know and cannot explain. A higher power that is running things from behind the curtain is all that seems rational to me. Every day I wonder at his creations.

As I went through some soul searching to understand my near death experience I questioned everything, let go any attachments I had, and was pretty much open to anything going forward. My journey came full circle to similar beliefs that I had before the experience, but for far different reasons. My new beliefs’ are based more on my understanding, than on the teachings of others. For this reason I think I would believe in God no matter what the proof. I think it is both an innate part of my soul, and part of the light and intelligence that life and the universe show me every day. My awareness of the Creator is present always. I see his magnificence in all I see, hear, feel, tough, taste, and smell when I am awake and aware. I also intuit his presence in much and have an intimate relationship with him when I am at peace, full of love, laughter, and joy.

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