Self Regulation

Self-Regulation Also called Self-Control is easier said than done.

  • Ability of self to alter its own responses, states
  • Areas of study:

Controlling thoughts (Thinking) Words (Self Talk and Hearing Words) – The Imagery and meaning those words Provoke! That cause Feelings.

Controlling emotions (Feelings) Not just the emotions but the physiology shifts that take us hand in hand to a new State Of Being. (positive & light vs negative & dark)

Impulse control (controlling behavior) Its the energy from or emotions and state that are harnessed or they run unbridled.


  • Useful for group life: individual changes self to adapt to the group
  • Useful for following rules, norms
  • Enables social conscience to triumph over selfish impulses
  • By overriding first impulse, it enables more flexible & diverse behaviors


  • The “master virtue”

–Most virtues involve good self-control

–Most vices involve self-control failure

  • Strength of character or willpower
  • Increases success in life

–Work, school

–Social life, popularity, relationships

Our Duality is based on how well we self regulate (We all have Jekyll & Hyde potential)

If we Acknowledge, embrace, and accept our shadows we bring them into the light!

We are human both wonderful and imperfect but learning to be more aware of thoughts, feelings, and actions. Controlling them is how our weeknesses become our strengths.




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